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K9 Heroes

Honoring K9's dedication and sacrifices to protect and serve the public. Thank You from all of us!

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K9 Officer Ivan

Handler:Officer Henry Wilson
Police Dept:Madison Police Dept K9 Unit
DOB:Sept 17, 2005 (Czech Republic)
Breed:German Shepard
Specialty:Dual Purpose: Narcotics Detection and Tracking
Career Highlights:(1) Successful track to the location of a marijuana-growing operation with over 200 live plants;  (2) Successful track to the location of a nursing home resident with Alzheimer's disease who wandered away from his residence -- was tracked to a nearby bus stop, and through collaboration with Madison Metro, determined resident arrived successful to an appointment at a medical clinic, and was later safely transferred back to his home; (3) successful track and apprehension of bank robber in Stoughton, Wisconsin, in the snow and wind, after picking up a the suspect's scent through a partial boot-print; (4) successful track and apprehension of a robber at 'Red Letter News.' The suspect had hidden a change of clothes and his wallet/ID a few blocks from the scene. As Ivan closed in on the suspect, he was picked up by an automobile.  However, Ivan tracked to the bus stop, and, again through collaboration with Madison Metro, the suspect was clearly seen, then positively identified and arrested.
Years of service:5.7 years (2007 - 2012)
(Retired early due to medical issues)
End of Watch:3-25-2018
Comments from handler: 

Ivan was an intense, hard-working K9, who could be just as gentle as he was intense.  He especially loved demonstrations where his audience included children, older individuals, or residents of nursing homes -- he somehow intuitively knew that some people needed him to be a little more gentle and patient, and seemed to enjoy those interactions as much as his true "police  work" on the streets.  He truly loved his job, and made the most of his retirement despite his failing health.  He spent his final days in the company of Officer Wilson and enjoying one last ride in his favorite squad car

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Facebook - City of Madison Police

City of Madison Police K9

K9 Hydro

Handler:Matthew and Chelsea Scovill
Department:Sun Prairie Fire Dept.
Birthplace:Reedsburg, WI
DOB:January 03, 2016
Specialty:Therapy dog for burn injured youth
Career Highlights:Many public education events including parades and station visits
Years of service:2
End of Watch:January 21, 2018
Comments from handler: 

Hydro was a lover of children. Not only in his home life In which 4 young children loved their puppy but also to the community. He was a loyal companion and always a welcoming sight while at the firehouse

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K9 Officer Odin

Handler:Officer Brent Plisch
Police Dept:University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department
DOB:January 10, 2008 (Czech Republic)
Breed:German Shepard
Specialty:Explosive Detection and Tracking
Career Highlights:Odin is one of only a few K9's in the nation to have found a live explosive device during a deployment.  The device, capable of exploding and causing injury or death was located and disabled prior to detonation.  Odin was certified for all seven years of his career through the North American Police Work Dog Association and the ATF National Odor Recognition Test.
Years of service:7 (2010 - 2017)
End of Watch:10-03-2017
Comments from handler: 

Odin was a phenomenal partner throughout his seven-year career.  He was always ready to work, full of energy, and had an infectious personality.  He is dearly missed by his work and home families.

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K9 MWD Brenda M738

Handler:Marc Johnson
Dept:United States Air Force
DOB:March 27, 2007
Breed:Belgian Malinois
Specialty:Bomb Detection
Career Highlights:Unknown
Years of service:1.5 yrs

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US War Dogs

K9 Officer Chase

Handler:Officer Cesar Lopez
Police Dept:Fitchburg Police Department
DOB:January 16, 2007 (Germany)
Breed:German Shepard
Specialty:Dual purpose Patrol & Narcotics
Career Highlights:See comments
Years of service:7.5 (2008 - 2016)
Comments from handler: 

Loyal partner and friend.

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Facebook - Fitchburg Police Department

Fitchburg, WI K-9 Team

K9 Officer Brando

Handler:Tony Pucillo
Police Dept:Town of Madison
DOB:January 17, 2002 (Netherlands)
Breed:Belgian Malinois
Specialty:Dual purpose narcotics and patrol. Narcotics detection, building searches and article tracking or recovery.
Career Highlights:
Years of service:9 (2004 - 2013)
End of Watch:02-10-2017
Comments from handler:

Never try to pet or approach a dog you are unfamiliar with without its owner's approval.

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K9 Officer Teagan

Handler:Patrick Clark
Police Dept:Hillsboro Police Department
Specialty:Dual Purpose K9, Specialty was tracking and school locker searches
Career Highlights:Working with the Tactical Team, and finding two Lost Alzheimer’s patients that had walked away into the woods
Years of service:9.5
End of Watch:01-21-2017
Comments from handler:

Hillsboro's first K9 Officer

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K9 Officer Hardy

Handler:Shaun Mahaffey
Police Dept:Janesville Police Department
Where Born:Germany
Specialty:Patrol and Narcotic Detection (Dual Purpose)
Career Highlights:Well over 1,000 street deployments
Years of service:9
End of Watch:08-23-2016
Comments from handler:

Oldest K-9 at last NAPWDA Certification.
Loved his job up to his last breath.
Walked into the vet with Cancer and a ruptured spleen.  Even marked their bushes on the way in.  One tough dog!

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K9 Officer Johnny

Handler:Jim Donnell
Police Dept:City of Madison Police Department
Where Born:Netherlands
Specialty:Dual purpose Patrol
Career Highlights:He was award the K9 of the year by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handlers Association in  2012
Years of service:8
Retirement date:07-2013
Comments from handler:

Was one of the first two patrol dogs assigned to the City of Madison Police Dept. Worked closely with many departments in Dane county.

"Was a dedicated police and family dog."

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K9 Officer Fritz

Handler:Andrew Foesch
Police Dept:Reedsburg Police Department
Where Born:Europe, Landheim Kennels in Indiana
DOB:August 2003
Specialty:Patrol and Narcotic Detection (Dual Purpose)
Career Highlights:Well over 1,000 street deployments,
Hundreds of drug search warrants with many of them being a direct causation to Fritz’s assistance
Seizing at least 3 vehicles from drug offenders
Years of service:9 (2005 - 20014)
Retirement date:April 2014 
Comments from handler:

Having 9 years with a partner on the street, a lot of memories were made.  Fritz was there for my wedding, my first house purchase in Reedsburg, the birth of both my daughters, etc.  Bottom line, since his passing I have yet to go a day without thinking about him, aside from being sad about it humans have a lot to learn about dogs and that they “live for the day” and all they want is to have a true companion in life.  Regardless of what people think of me when I say this but he was my “best friend”, we did everything together!

 “The connection between an officer their K9 partner is one of the strongest bonds I’ve ever witnessed,” said Chief Tim Becker.“

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K9 Officer Gildon

Handler:Jeff Felt
Police Dept:Madison Police Department
Where Born:
Specialty:Tracking and Narcotic Detection
Career Highlights:
Years of service:7
Retirement date:12-01-2014

K9 Gildon assisted the Madison Police Department in hundreds of cases during the seven years as a police service K9. K9 Gildon conducted building searches, tracks of criminals and missing persons, apprehensions, narcotics searches, and evidence searches. Out of all these tasks Gildon was trained for, tracking was his specialty. Officer Felt and Gildon were a great team and it was clear they respected one another. Officer Felt laughed often at Gildon’s puppy ways and Gildon looked at his human partner with loyalty and trust. They moved through building searches, challenging tracks on difficult terrain, and narcotics searches in clustered environments like a dance team. Officer Felt anticipated every move Gildon made, and Gildon looked for direction when needed. They were in many dangerous situations together and always came out safely. They had each other’s back. The K9 unit, Madison Police Department, and citizens of Madison will miss K9 Gildon.

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K9 Officer Rex

Handler:Shane Driscoll
Police Dept:University Wisconsin Police Department
Where Born:Czech Republic
Specialty:Explosives Detection and Tracking
Career Highlights:National and International Dignitary Protection including First Ladies, politicians,
political candidates, and the Dalai Lama
Years of service:10
Retirement date:03-14-2014

Third K9 at the department.  Rex and his handler Det. Shane Driscoll were a team for more than ten years — the longest serving team in the history of the UWPD K9 Unit — and both retired together in March of 2014.  Rex specialized in explosive detection and human tracking.  

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K9 Officer Mosely

Handler:Jason Whitney
Police Dept:University Wisconsin Police Department
Where Born:Czech Republic
Specialty:Explosive detection and suspect tracking
Career Highlights:Working details for the Dalia Lama, President Bush, President Clinton and President Obama
Years of service:8
End of Watch:03-03-2010

Certified with the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA). Certification entails testing on searching vehicles, buildings, luggage, and open areas/mass transit. At the most recent certification both K9 Mosely and fellow UWPD K9 Rex did an outstanding job, finding all the aids and received many compliments from the Master Trainers. A few of the Master Trainers said that we were the best team there out of 24 dogs present. K9 Mosely was also selected for advanced training and certification by the ATF, and FBI K9 programs.

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