K9 Officer Fritz

My Best Friend

May 29th 2016---I consider his end of watch to be the day of his death because he always watched over me on or off duty, retired or not, everywhere I went.
Fritz was all most 13 yoa when he past, he was almost 2 years old when I got assigned to him in 2003.

There are a lot of achievements to list, hundreds of arrests with over 1,000 deployments in the field to say the least. Fritz was responsible for participating in hundreds of drug search warrants with many of them being a direct causation to Fritz’s assistance (i.e.: alerting on storage units, postal packages, hotel/apartment doors, etc.). I know Fritz was directly responsible for seizing at least 3 vehicles from drug offenders locally and assisted many agencies throughout the county in his 9 years of service. We did many school sweeps (aka: sniffs) locally and far, and was requested many times by the area prisons for assistance (FCI-Oxford, State Prison’s in Columbia Co. and New Lisbon Area).

Fritz was Reedsburg’s 2nd Police K9 and was actually our first “dual-purpose K9”. I was always very proud of him for what he accomplished, he had a very systematic sense of smell. He was utilized mostly for drug offenses and for tracking those suspects in hiding, however he was also trained in apprehension work where I always admired our bond because his obedience to me was like nothing I’ve never seen (truly listened to me and did as he was told). Aside from that he loved being around people and always, I mean always, wanted to be touched/petted on his head, he loved the interaction. I certified him yearly through the North American Police Work Dog Association (N.A.P.W.D.A) and he never failed a test, he truly had a “heart of a tiger” and just wanted to do his best for me.

I could go on, with having 9 years with a partner on the street, a lot of memories were made. Fritz was there for my wedding, my first house purchase in Reedsburg, the birth of both my daughters, etc. Bottom line, since his passing I have yet to go a day without thinking about him, aside from being sad about it humans have a lot to learn about dogs and that they “live for the day” and all they want is to have a true companion in life. Regardless of what people think of me when I say this but he was my “best friend”, we did everything together!

Thanks again,

Sgt. Andrew Foesch
Reedsburg Police Dept.