Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What if my pet dies at home?

Answer: We have professional staff that can come to you and transport your pet with dignity back to our Memorial Center.  See our additional services page.

Question: Where do I go for cremation services?

Answer: Pet owners are welcome to bring their pet directly to Memorial Pet Services, or we can work with your veterinarian. You decide what is best for you and your pet. If you decide to come to us directly, please call ahead so we will be ready for your arrival. See our contact page.

Question: How can I be sure I receive the correct cremains?

Answer: When a pet first comes into our care, whether at a veterinarian´s office, at a family´s home or our center, the identifying information is collected. When a pet arrives at our center the collected information is verified again and the pet is assigned a unique ID number, if not already assigned by the veterinarian. This ID disc is also used in the human industry. The pet’s disc and paperwork are cross-referenced 4 more times during the process to ensure accuracy. All cremations are documented by hand and electronically.  Cremation process is also recorded by cameras. 

Secondly, we were the first pet crematorium in Wisconsin to be certified by the PLPA (Pet Loss Professional Alliance), which is a division of ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association). The PLPA is a group of like-minded pet loss care providers who are working to foster a high level of ethics and training within our profession. We are focused on establishing sound business practices and standards among our ranks and on promoting the value of quality pet loss care to veterinarians and the public. We are a proud member of this professional alliance, with an eye to the future when all pet crematoriums/pet funeral homes will be held to the same high standards and ethics as human crematoriums/funeral homes. See PLPA

Question: If I have chosen a group cremation for my pet, where will my pet's cremated remains go?

Answer: We are so fortunate to have available to us private organic farm land in Arena, WI, to scatter group cremated remains. If you are not using Memorial Pet Services, be sure to ask where the final resting place is. The “disposal” of group, cremated remains is not regulated and a garbage transfer station is considered by some providers to be “acceptable.”

Question: What is the difference between one crematory and another?

Answer: Not all pet crematories or funeral homes use the same terminology or follow the same procedures. To ensure that you know exactly what will happen to your pet once they leave your care, we provide the following questions that we recommend you ask your veterinarian and/or pet crematory:

  • Where is the pet crematory located?
  • What specifically is their definition of a "Private" cremation?
  • Many crematories and veterinary clinics call a Partitioned cremation a Private cremation. 
  • Can we witness the entire cremation process? Answer should be "yes".
  • How does the identification tracking system work to ensure I receive my pet's cremains? 
  • Do they provide or have a video certification system? 
  • When was the last time they visited or toured the cremation facility? 

Question: Can I view my pet prior to cremation?

Answer:  Yes.  Similar to the human side of a wake.  You can schedule a time to view and spend private time with them in a private room.  The actual cremation will be scheduled at a later time. Click here to see details

Question: What do the cremains look like?

Answer: Cremated remains resemble coarse sand to small flakes and are whitish to light gray in color. Blankets, toys, beds and other materials included with the cremation may increase the volume of the cremains returned.

Question: Can I be present during cremation?

Answer: Yes. Memorial Pet Services has a comfortable private viewing room for pet owners, family and friends that would like to attend.  See our attended services page for details.

Question: How long does the actual cremation take?

Answer: The length of time for the actual cremation process is dependent on the weight of the pet. On average, a single cremation can take one to two hours.

Question: Can my pet’s blanket and other belongings also be cremated?

Answer: In general we do not allow additional items to be included within the cremation. Toys or blankets can leave ash behind that will alter the volume of cremains and or prevent the cremation from completing successfully.

Question: What happens to surgical implants?

Answer:  All foreign matter is removed and is not returned unless specified otherwise. Microchips are not recoverable, but most surgical implants can be.  Items not requested to be returned, are identified and recycled.

Certified in 2016, the Pet Loss Resource Center (PLRC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicate to providing pet parents supportive resources as they face the most difficult part of owning a pet - end of life. Not only a resource for pet parents, the PLRC also provides supportive resources for those that care for pets - pet sitters, care takers, and veterinary staff.

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