Memorial items: Memorial Monuments

Prices are based on size of stone and the artwork requested.  Basic Monuments typically start around $400.00.  Pechmann Memorial will need to work with you directly to ensure that they meet your needs and that you are aware of all available options.

Granite Memorial

A granite memorial is built of two pieces, respectively called a tablet and a base. Being the largest relative to flush, bevel, or slanted memorials, they offer the most space for engraving and personalization. This is especially true because unlike a slanted memorial, the back of an upright memorial is perpendicular to the ground, which provides room for further engraving and personalization. For this reason, the back of an upright memorial is finely polished to the same degree as its front. In cases where an upright memorial is designed to cover a single grave space, typical dimensions are 24 x 20 inches. If it’s designed to cover more than a single grave space, typical dimensions begin at 30 x 20 inches and increase proportionally to how many grave spaces you wish to accommodate.

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