Memorial items: Pet Caskets

Pet Caskets

Double wall caskets constructed of high-impact styrene. The design and special sealant restrict seepage of water and the intrusion of air. The Hoegh Casket is capable of serving as a casket/vault combination. Expect 2-3 business days minimum for delivery.

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Deluxe Style

This casket is fully lined with a pad, pillow, attached skirting and lining in the top.

Item No.Inside DimensionsPrice
CASKET-D2424" x 12" x 9"$200.00
CASKET-D3232" x 16" x 11"$235.00
CASKET-D4040" x 18" x 12"$265.00

Regular Style

This casket is comes with a pad and a pillow. *R52 is a single wall casket

Item No.Inside DimensionsPrice
CASKET-R2424" x 12" x 9"$165.00
CASKET-R3232" x 16" x 11"$195.00
CASKET-R4040" x 18" x 12"$225.00
*CASKET-R5252" x 22" x 15"$295.00