Memorial items: Ink Prints

Ink prints of your pet's paw or nose can be placed in a nice picture frame, saved in a scrapbook or even used on greeting cards. These ink prints make a special keepsake for you and your family.

Paw or nose print

Using black colored ink, we can make an impression of your pet's paw(s) or even their nose. As you know, these impressions from your pet's paw(s)/nose can only be taken prior to cremation. This is the actual impression of your pet, so imperfections can occur, and not every print will look exactly alike. Most ink prints are done on a 4.25" x 5.5" or 4.25" x 3.6" white thick paper depending upon the size of paw or nose. We do realize that not all pets have "paws", but know that we are able to customize a print for most any pet, even a bird or a horse. On the back of the print, we will place a label with your pets name and place the memento a nice organza bag.

Item No.ColorPrice
PP-InkWhite with black ink$5.00

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