Pet Loss Resource Center (PLRC)


The Pet Loss Resource Center is here to help both pet parents and the care givers in the pet industry.  We have recognized over the years how pets have become such an integral part of the humane family.  In fact, there are more "Pet Parents" than ever before.  As the same with the humane side, loss is a very difficult part to understand and accept. We are able to support people when a human dies, but caring and helping a pet parent when they lose a close family member (pet), not many know where to go or how to help those in need.  This is why we created the first non-profit pet loss support center in Wisconsin.  

Our goal is to continue to provide the much needed services to the public but also reach out to pet related business as well.

The PLRC has the following services available:

  1. Free pet loss support groups
  2. Pet loss information about:  grief, children, emotions and more
  3. Library of recommended books about grief and loss.
  4. Educating pet businesses staff to help support their customers with the grief from a loss. (New)
  5. Support veterinary staff to help prevent compassion fatigue. (New)

We need your help!

Companion pets are vital members of the family, this resource center can only do so much without more help. Please donate if you are able to so we can continue to help those in need of additional resources. 

The Pet Loss Resource Center can use your help! 

New website is coming...Pet Loss Resource Center or email us at:

If able, please send donation to:

  • Pet Loss Resource Center
    4319 Twin Valley Road, Ste 15
    Middleton, WI  53562

Next Pet Loss Meeting

Date:Thursday, September 21, 2017
Time:6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location:Memorial Pet Services
4319 Twin Valley Road, Suite #15
Middleton, WI 53562
Facilitator:    Shaun O'Keefe (Click here to meet Shaun)

Future Dates:
Thursday, October 19,
Thursday, November 16,
Thursday, December 14

When we lost our beloved Callie, the UW Vet School made us aware of Memorial Pet Services because we wanted to have Callie cremated and memorialized. Throughout the whole process we found that Memorial Pet Services to be extremely professional and very sensitive to our grief. Because of them we have Callie's ashes, paw prints and fur to remember her by. They did a really beautiful job with everything.

- Cathleen & Eric Boegel

Thank you for being so understanding when trying to make the right decision for our pretty girl “Lona” and helping us pick out everything we needed. You will never be forgotten.

Tony & Belinda Griffie

- Tony & Belinda Griffie