Pet Memorials

B.B. Snodie-Garcia

Beloved B.B.
Feb. 31, 2006- Apr. 28, 2017.
You were rescued from an abusive home in Largo, FL, and brought to a new, loving home by Robert Housley-Snodie and Johny Garcia-Conde. They already had one Chihuahua, Rojo, so you had an instant companion. Rojo took you under his wing and you had a new best friend. You were a very shaky, scared, frightened boy from day 1. You eventually warmed up to Johny, allowing him to touch you, and even sit by his side. You followed him EVERYWHERE for 10 years! Robert tried too hard, therefore causing you to always shake, just from him looking at you, but you did eventually allow him to: give you belly rubs 1st thing in the morning before you got out of bed. You also loved to close your eyes and enjoy the moments when he massaged the back of your head and behind your ears, and loved curling up behind his knees on the couch or bed, but before doing so, needed to turn around 3 times before settling down. Your favorite past time, was laying out in the sun, for hours and soaking up the warm afternoons. You always hesitated to come in when we called your name, because you wanted to stay out longer.
In 2010, another Chihuahua was added to our family, CHICA, whom was adopted, and you happily accepted her as part of the family. She re-invigorated you and Rojo, by running along the back fence on the Pinellas trail, and barking at everyone, from bikers to walkers, and especially other dogs. You 3 together were the highlight in every trail travelers day, and were quickly labeled, “Johny and Roberts Backyard Barkers”! You even had the highest pitch bark, so we always knew when you were the leader of the barkers!! In June of 2014, you re-located to the state of Wisconsin. You coddled with Chica, as she got sick 4 times throughout the travel from Florida to Wisconsin. Settling in Wisconsin was easy for you, but you still continue with your, extreme cautiousness, in every aspect of life. We tried to get you out/away from all of your "nervousness", and you did pretty well, in all situations.
2 Characteristics that will forever stand out in our memory of you were: You were extremely concerned with cleanliness, licking and cleaning yourself. You always started with the top of your paws, then up the leg, and every crevice of your body that you could reach. You loved to clean Rojo and Chicas eyes and ears.....every day! The other favorite characteristic, was your "hop". From day 1, you had a"hop", when we you went anywhere, especially for a walk. Step, step, step, "hop", step, step, step, "hop". Nobody, not no one, could ever figure it out!
You are already, and will be sorely missed by Robert, Johny, Rojo, and Chica, forever and ever. May you cross over the Rainbow Bridge, and rest forever eternally.
Love Robert, Johny and Valerie