Pet Memorials

Callie Boegel

Callie more often known as Buddha (more on the nickname in a minute), Buddha Boo, or just Boogies was one of the sweetest cats. She had such a wonderful gentle spirit and loving nature. Callie started life in northern Illinois as the daughter of Samantha who was a local stray. Callie was adopted by her first human mommy and lived with her for a number of years. When Callie's human mommy at the time needed to move she started looking for a home for her and was having trouble until her current human mommy saw her and fell in love with her. Callie was one of the biggest fat kitties you'd likely ever see and when she sat she looked like a reclining Buddha (hence the nickname). Callie had a few companions along the way, she spent many years with a brother Basset Hound named Sammy and another calico named Mittens. When Callie was about 8 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and required surgery which she came through with flying colors and never relapsed. When Callie was about 10 years old she met her new daddy when her mommy moved to Wisconsin and her human parents got married. Callie quickly adopted her daddy and became his constant pillow pal as they watched TV in the evenings. Daddy would put a pillow on his lap and that was Callie's cue to climb up on his lap and stay there until bedtime. Shortly after Callie's human parents married, they introduced three new furry feline siblings to which Callie immediately accepted and welcomed to the family. Callie loved to find the sunny spot in the house and lay there soaking it in. Callie was also a very smart kitty, her human parents were pretty convinced she could understand English as she had an uncanny ability to respond to things that they said. Callie spent the remaining years of her life living a happy, peaceful and lazy life well taken care of by her human parents. Callie passed in February 2017 after a very courageous battle with multiple health issues. Callie sweet girl, you have given us so many wonderful memories and were such a wonderful companion, we love you and will always miss you!