Pet Memorials

Chester Verhelst

Chester. Fishy. Fish Taco. Pie. 

Everyone that met you loved you. You had the instinctive connection with everyone you laid your big gentle brown eyes on. You were the best gift we could have hoped for and gave us so much joy. More joy and happiness than we could have anticipated. Maybe even more than we deserved; you were our first dog and subjected to so much trial and error. Skipping class, spending our combined minimum wage paychecks to pick you up from that smelly farm in Iowa was the best decision our teenage brain masterminded. You fought so bravely during your battles with cancer, radiation therapy, subsequent chemo treatments, and handled the recent splenectomy with so much strength and courage. When all of the world was mad you were our calming retreat. You were what we looked forward to after a long day. You motivated us to chase off-the-beaten-path adventures, just so we could be free to roam like you were born to do. You stuck by us through all of our growth and tribulations, and in return, we are so grateful to be able to stick with you through all of your battles. We gave it everything buddy. YOU gave it everything while still maintaining your sweet, sweet demeanor. Of all of the hardship you endured, you never missed a beat. Your personality continued to shine through, warming us with rays of hope. Grandma Verhelst will look after you, old family dogs will keep you company. I hope you're out there running like a wild man like you once did, chasing squirrels like you loved to do and being fed your favorite meal of boiled chicken every day. You were more than just a dog. You were a part of us. We love you Chester-Wester, please keep visiting us in our dreams.

Your forever loving parents, Andrew & Janice