Pet Memorials


Bella was a 9 year old red and black german shepherd who loved to play and be chased in her yard. Tag was our favorite game. I lost my beloved child to hemangiosarcoma in her spleen which eventually spread to cancer in her lungs/throughout her body. I was away in college and when this happened and our family did not catch the disease until she could not eat or drink. She silently suffered until I made the decision to peacefully let her go. I would rather suffer than have her live one more moment in that kind of pain. She's the most beautiful dog I've ever seen. This is a tribute to Bella, so I'd kindly appreciate if whoever reads this will take a moment of silence. I got Bella when I was twelve years old at a local breeder. I went into the yard to see the pick of puppies and most were cuddled up with each other. It was so cute of course, but I still didnt find THE ONE. I left the gate they were being kept at and walked around. To my surprise I turn around and there is a small jumping shepherd at my feet with the darkest face and beauty marks. She was chewing on the rocks nearby in curiosity which I thought was hilarious! I picked her up and she met my gaze. This dog was fierce and brave, the leader of her pack. I named her Bella after the Twilight movie-I know, i know. But I was a pre-teen and it was a cute name! Her favorite activities are tag, chase, fetch, and wrestling. I pray for her happiness everyday