Pet Memorials

Patches Greycarek

The only problem with dogs is that they don’t live long enough. He was the best dog I could have ever asked for, the first dog I trained, and my best buddy for almost 13 years. We did so much together. He loved agility, and he won first place in obedience. He knew over 25 tricks! His favorite one was probably singing…why did I teach him that!? I had Patchy for over half my life and he was by my side through everything. He was there through middle school, high school, undergrad, and half of vet school. He was such a mama’s boy but he also loved anyone who would give him treats. He especially loved breakfast with my dad, popcorn with my mom, and going next door to see what our neighbor Pauline had in store. He also loved living down here in Madison with me, sparky, and Valerie. There was never a dull moment with him around. His personality was way bigger than his size. He had a mind of his own, but was always there to protect you, love you, and of course beg to you. I can’t imagine not having his quirky old habits here (backing up Sparky when he hears a noise, scratching at the rug to make a comfy spot, eating all my dropped food, singing when I went outside without him, and of course his little kisses). He definitely set a high standard for any dog I have after him. He was such a good boy.