Pet Memorials

Sarge Konkel

Hi, my name is Sarge, if you're reading this I had to leave my earthly family and go to heaven. I've never felt more love and even though I watch as they cry, I wish they wouldn't. I know they miss me and I miss them too, but if they could see I'm no longer in pain, I breath as easy as I did the day I was born. Dad and Mom, thank you. I know all the other dogs had to be jealous of all the love you gave me. The treats, the sneaking of real food mom gave me, dad always gave that look but in his eyes I could see he wished he had only given it to me first. My siblings, Brittny and Timothy. The way they played with me, the love they gave me I only wish I could have given them more than a slobbery kiss. Please remember me with as much love you gave me with my time on earth. Your friends, they became mine, even when they tricked me into eating nasty things. I'm sure I paid them back. My grandparents Bob and Linda. Wow! The spoiling a grandparent gives is an understatement. When you took me in for a couple months I felt right at home. Thank you for your love.. Rylie and McKenzie, I thought when you were born I would be forgotten. That was so not true, it only got so much better! You emptied my treat jar, because 1 or 2 was never enough in your eyes. I only wish I had learned to high 5! Your hugs, your laughter, the good boys, I wish I could of grown with you just a little longer. Know I love you as much as you love me. I'm asking for no tears, even though I know it hurts I took all of you with me. I will be sharing the stories of the unconditional love with everyone here. I will meet each of you at the gates, but please take your time, I'm with you and watch over you all each and every day. 

Love, Sarge