Cremation Options

True Private Cremation

A True Private Cremation is a process where only one (1) pet is present in the cremation unit.

This is the same process used for human cremations. Your pet is clearly identified with a unique stainless steel ID tag, which will stay with your pet throughout the entire cremation process. This ID tag will become discolored from the process, but will be returned with your pet's cremains. This process also has video monitoring to ensure accuracy and guarantee the cremation results.

We have three (3) different cremation packages to choose from: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Click here for details

Partitioned Cremation

A Partitioned Cremation is a process, during which more than one pet is present in the cremation unit. Each pet is placed in a designated area and clearly identified with a stainless steel ID tag to ensure pet owners that they receive the cremains of their pet and only their pet. Your pet's cremains will be returned to you in our complimentary white paw print metal tin.

Group Cremation

Group Cremation is for pet owners who do not wish to retain the cremains of their pet, but still wish their pet to have a dignified final disposition. This process is where multiple pets are cremated together without any form of separation. Cremated remains are spread in a private farm field in Southern Wisconsin.

Priority Return

Priority return is available to pet owners who would like their pet’s cremains returned the same day. Their pet will take priority over other cremation requests, ensuring that they will be ready to go home the same day. This is not a scheduled event where you will be able to bet part of the cremation process.  If you want to be part of the cremation process see our "Attended Services".  There is an additional fee for this option. Customers should call Memorial Pet Services for availability.

Attended Services

Attended Services are available for pet owners and their families allowing them additional personal time with their beloved pet to say their good-byes. By appointment, families can witness any portion of the cremation process and return home with their pet's cremains. There is an additional fee. Customers should call Memorial Pet Services directly for more details and scheduling. 

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Burial or Cremation?

Reputable crematories have developed rigorous operating procedures in order to maximize the level of service and minimize the potential for human error. Memorial Pet Service has developed a six-step process that is followed for all partitioned and true private cremation services.

Here are some questions and additional information to consider that may help in making an educated decision.


  • What are the state, county and city laws for burial of my pet?
  • Are there local cemeteries for pets, and if so how much is burial?
  • If I decide to bury my pet on my property, what type of container should I use?
  • How I can ensure that my pet’s grave is not disturbed by other animals?
  • Are there special coffins for pets and where do I purchase one?
  • If I move, how will I feel leaving my pet’s grave behind?


  • Cremains can be kept permanently in a keepsake urn.
  • Cremains can be spread or buried in a pet’s favorite location without worry of another animal disturbing them.
  • If you are unsure on what you want to do, cremation allows you more time to decide on your pet's final resting place.
  • Environmentally friendly

Tips To Bury Your Pet

  • The plot should be at least 2” bigger than the container/casket size.
  • Remove the sod and dig a hole a minimum of 3’ deep.  This will help prevent other animals from trying to dig up the body.
  • Make a 1” bed of loose soil at the bottom of the hole, making sure it is even with no clumps.
  • Lower the casket and gently add soil around and on top of the coffin, patting it down as you go along.
  • When you get to about 2” below the seal line, add about 2” of water and allow it to drain.
  • Add remaining soil and replace sod, which should sit about 1”an inch higher than the ground surrounding it.  This will allow for settling over time.
  • Place a nice memorial stone, marker or even plant a tree or bush next to them.

Thank you all for your kindness during a very difficult time. We’ll cherish Cinna’s paw prints and our memories of her.

Lars & Inger Braun

- Lars & Inger Braun

Thanks to each of you for your kindness in helping me arrange the recent cremation of my horse Mason. Your gentle and professional support made a terrible process bearable. I especially appreciated the kind gesture of a condolence card signed by your staff.

- Linda Fuller