Cremation process

It is imperative that our pet owners feel confident that their beloved pet has truly been returned to them. This is why we created the following six step process for our private and partitioned cremations to ensure your pet's safe return. 

  1. A stainless steel cremation ID will be selected for your pet with a unique number imprinted on it.
  2. Your pet will be identified and assigned this cremation ID number by your veterinarian or Memorial Pet Services.
  3. The cremation ID tag will remain with your pet throughout the cremation process. This tag will be become discolored after the cremation.
  4. Your pet's cremains and cremation ID tag will be carefully placed in a clear poly bag, which is then placed into a blue velvet pouch (if space permits) and then into an urn of your choice.
  5. Your pet's name, cremation date and cremation ID number will be attached to the bottom of the urn.
  6. Your pet's cremains will then be personally returned to you at our memorial center or your veterinarian.

Know that every return of cremains, your pet will be identified at 3 or more different locations within your return.

Our Promise/Guarantee

"We promise to provide the highest standard of pet cremation and after care services available in Wisconsin. We assure pet parents that their pet will be handled with the utmost care, dignity, honor and respect at all times." 

"By following our six-step process, we guarantee that the cremated remains returned are those of the pet entrusted to our care."

What does "Private" cremation mean

As there are currently no state regulations for pet cremation, it is very important that you not only understand your options, but also how the crematory you choose will be handling your pet and their aftercare.  What one crematory calls something may be completely different at another crematory so please see our cremation definitions under “Services/Cremation Options”.

As a Pet Loss Professional Alliance (PLPA) member, we are working very hard to educate veterinarians, as well as the public to ask the right questions. The term Private Cremation is unfortunately misused by many businesses in the profession.  Most pet crematories offer a "return of cremains", but what that does not tell you is if your pet is being cremated alone or with other pets.  We believe every Private Cremation should be performed by placing only one pet in the crematory.  Once that cremation is completed, the cremains are thoroughly removed. Other cremation methods including more than one pet at a time should never be referred to as a Private or Individual Cremation; but rather as a partitioned, segregated or communal cremation.  Prior to saying “yes” to return of cremains, ask for a clear definition of each of the options that are available to you.  Here are a few other questions you may want to ask your veterinarian and/or crematory.

  • How do you keep track of each pet's cremains?
  • How and when will my pet's body be picked up?
  • Do you offer a witnessed cremation or a visitation?
  • Can we witness any part of the cremation process should we choose to be present during their cremation?
  • What items can be cremated with my pet?
  • How do you guarantee the cremains I receive will be those of my pet, and only my pet?
  • Do you guarantee that if I choose to not have my pet's remains returned, the same care and accountability of my pet will be maintained?  If yes, how?
  • How and when will my pet’s remains be returned to me?
  • If I choose a Group Cremation, what will happen to my pet’s remains?

These final decisions are yours.  There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, but there are choices to be made.  Your pet gave you unconditional love during their time with you.  Please take time for them to ensure that they are treated with the dignity and respect they so deserve.

Thank you all for your kindness during a very difficult time. We’ll cherish Cinna’s paw prints and our memories of her.

Lars & Inger Braun

- Lars & Inger Braun

Thank you so much for your compassion and tenderness during the loss of our husky, Koko. It is never easy to lose a family pet – they become such a part of our lives. When the time comes that we have to say goodbye, whether we’ve had time to plan for it or in our case not, the pain is unbearable and you wonder if your heart will ever stop hurting. We are so glad to know you took special care of Koko and we will really appreciate that.

The Lincks Family

- The Lincks Family