Paw, Claws, Hoof or a Nose. Fur, Feathers or Whiskers

Options Prior to Cremation

The love we have for our pets is very strong and runs deep. The emotions we experience at the time of their passing often times clouds our judgment and can make finalizing their after life arrangements a difficult and confusing process. It is important to consider all of the memorialization items available for your pet. Although there are some things that can changed or done at a later date, the options described below are all things that can only be completed prior to your pets cremation.

Clay Print

This is a favorite item among our pet owners, as it is unique to your pet, and therefore very special.  This impression from your pet's paw(s) can only be take prior to cremation.  We have many different options that you can select from to meet your specific needs. These prints are handmade by our loving staff. We will roll and press a piece of clay proportionate to your pet's paw size and then take an actual impression of their paw. Please know, when ordering multiple prints, not every print will look exactly alike as imperfections and small variations may occur.  We do realize that not all pets have "paws", but we are able to customize a print for almost most any pet, even a bird or a horse.

Clay Options

Ink Prints

Using black colored ink, we can make an impression of your pet's paw(s) or even their nose. As you know, these impressions from your pet's paw(s)/nose can only be taken prior to cremation.  This is the actual impression of your pet, so imperfections can occur, and not every print will look exactly alike.  Most ink prints are done on a 4.25" x 5.5" white card stock.  We do realize that not all pets have "paws", but know that we are able to customize a print for most any pet, even a bird or a horse.

Ink Options 

Lock of Fur

A lock of fur can also be clipped from your pet before the cremation, which we will place in a clear, poly zip-lock bag labeled with your pet's name. We are happy to clip a lock of fur for you, just let us know. This can only be done prior to your pet's cremation and there is no cost to you for this option.

Other options

There are so many wonderful creative ways to memorialize your pet. Below are just a few examples so please call our Memorial Center and ask one of our Customer Care Specialist if you don't see what you are looking for.  Each of these options require a photo or clay impression to create a high quality memorial item that you can share for years to come. If you think you may want to do any of the memorialization options listed below at a future time, please let us know as we can take and save pictures and measurements that will be needed.

Available Options and the type of image required

Family Viewing/Visitation Option

Most often things happen unexpectedly and goes way to fast where you feel even more shorted on the time you had with them. If you and or family wish to spend a few additional moment together in a relaxing private room, this option is what you are looking for. If your loved one is already at Memorial Pet Services or if you are bringing them with you, we have a room where you are able to spend quality time with them before their journey begins. To ensure availability, please call Memorial Pet Services to reserve a private room. Please let us know if you will need more than 30 minutes as additional costs may apply.

J-O-U-R-N-E-Y-S Quality of Life scale

This quality of life scale is to help get you thinking about factors that affect your pet's happiness and sense of well-being.  This is only a guide.
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