Additional Services

Transportation Services

Sometimes your pet passes away at home.  They maybe to big, small or just something to difficult for you to do yourself.  So, if you are unable to transport your pet to us, we can arrange a time to pick up your pet from your home or your veterinarian office.  Contact our Memorial Center to make arrangements

Item Description
    Business hours (0 - 99 lbs)     $30.00
    Business hours (100+ lbs)     $45.00    
    After Hours (0 - 99 lbs)       $100.00
    After Hours (100+ lbs)     $115.00

* Mileage fee of $1.50 / mile will apply if your location is over 20 miles from Memorial Pet Services.

Euthanasia Option

Often, pet owners would like a neutral location for the euthanasia, other than their veterinary office. By appointment, pet families are welcome to use our private room for this procedure or to schedule to have someone come to their home. This option can be scheduled with your veterinarian or we can refer you to a local mobile veterinary service that specializes in end-of-life care.

Contact our Memorial Center for additional information

Scattering of Cremains

Sometimes you want the very best for our loved ones, but at the same time, it can be very difficult to hold or know what to do with the cremains of your pet once they are returned to you. If you just went through the cremation process or you have a pet from a while ago, this option maybe what you are looking for. We will take the cremains of your pet for you and spread them on privately owned land.

We have three (3) options of where we have access to private land:

  • Farm land located in the rolling hills of Area, WI
  • Wooded hills in Spirit WI
  • Bluffs over looking the shores of the Great Lake Superior.

Note: If you select one of these options, a release form will need to be signed prior to Memorial Pet Services scattering the cremains.

Pet Loss Support Groups

We understand the pain of losing a beloved pet, and we would like to be a resource, so that you know you’re not alone.

These groups will provide information on the grief process, coping techniques, and allow participants to share and support each other over the loss of their beloved pet. These groups are facilitate by a state licensed professional, and are also monitored by our own Certified Pet Loss Professional (CPLP).   Click here for details of our group

Temporary Holding Service

For those that are not sure what they want to do or who prefer to bury their pet but are unable to at this time, Memorial Pet Services can hold your pet for you. The price is $15/month for pets weighing 1-35 pounds and $0.45/pound per month for pets 36 pounds or more. Price will be rounded up to the following month.  Contact our Memorial Center for details

J-O-U-R-N-E-Y-S Quality of Life scale

This quality of life scale is to help get you thinking about factors that affect your pet's happiness and sense of well-being.  This is only a guide.
Click here for more information

Pet Loss Resource Center (PLRC)

The Pet Loss Resource Center is now a non-profit department of Memorial Pet Services where we can help support pet parents with their loss and help veterinary clinics staff and their clients with death and loss.   

The PLRC will have the following services available:

  1. Free pet loss support groups
  2. Pet loss information about:  Grief, Children, Other pets, etc.
  3. Library of recommended books about loss
  4. Provide training of pet businesses staff to help support their customers with the grief from a loss.
  5. Support veterinary staff to help prevent compassion fatigue.

Our Pet Loss Support Groups are free and open to anyone from the community who has lost their beloved pet or have a pet that is near the end of life.  Educational materials and support will be available on end of life decisions, the grieving process and ways to help others including the emotional needs of children.  The meeting will have an open format, allowing plenty of time for questions and answers.

Click here for details

In early March, I lost my Tittle, a ferret who stole my heart the moment he came in to see me with his left eye proptosed. I took him over to VES East and contacted Memorial Pet Services the following business day. The client care representative sincerely offered her sympathies for my loss, and she was absolutely accommodating when I requested a clay paw print, even offering a lock of fur. When Tittle was returned to me, I was touched to find Memorial Pet Services' staff had gone above and beyond, making a clay impression of both of Tittle's tiny front paws. A short time after that, I was amazed to find the staff sent a bereavement card. This simple gesture meant more to me than anything else. Although I deal with others' loss several times a week, being on the other side of the table gave me the chance to see firsthand what separates Memorial Pet Services from other providers. Now, when counseling owners who are facing a loss, I can speak to them as someone who has experienced Memorial Pet Services' graciousness and kindness during a time of loss. I cannot begin to recommend Memorial Pet Services highly enough - when dealing with the loss of a furry family member, they are acutely aware of the human-animal bond, making a difficult time a little bit easier.


- Megan

When we lost our beloved Callie, the UW Vet School made us aware of Memorial Pet Services because we wanted to have Callie cremated and memorialized. Throughout the whole process we found that Memorial Pet Services to be extremely professional and very sensitive to our grief. Because of them we have Callie's ashes, paw prints and fur to remember her by. They did a really beautiful job with everything.

- Cathleen & Eric Boegel